Summer 2021

February Health & Safety Updates

Dear Camp Families,

Our return to camp is closer every day. Along with hiring staff, working on bunk placement, planning special events and all of the other work we do to prepare for the summer, we are hard at work developing new routines and protocols to ensure a healthy homecoming for all of our Angels. Our goal is to operate camp this summer as our own “haven,” a place that is welcoming, safe, and healthy for our campers and staff.

Technology and information about the virus are advancing quickly, and every day we gain new knowledge to help us make informed decisions. As tempting as it is to answer questions about  specific protocols, travel to camp and Visiting Day, we will wait until the spring. What is happening right now is not reflective of where we could be in a few months and we are hopeful that camp will look more like a typical summer. Time is on our side. Our decisions and protocols will be reflective of the current data and transmission rates, as well as CDC and local Department of Health Guidelines.

In the meantime, we know you are eager to learn more about the summer! Here is some updated information about what we have been working on:

Emotional Support
We are excited to welcome Blake Portnof, BOS ’04, back to camp as an Assistant Division Head and Friendship Coach. Blake was a camper for 8 years and has her Masters in Social Work. She will support campers and staff through the transition from home to haven. Of course, Bob Ditter, child development expert, and long time friend of LBMC, will also be part of our Mental Health Team.
Our Team of Medical Experts
We are working with some incredible experts to ensure that the very best protocols are in place. Our medical advisors, Syracuse University epidemiologists Dr. David Larsen and Dr. Brittany Kmush, are establishing our health and safety plans. They have been instrumental in guiding Syracuse University in its efforts to stay ahead of the virus and have overseen public health surveillance saliva testing at SU. They will be on call to help the experienced doctors and nurses in our Health Center address anything that may arise during the summer. Our medical team has been and will continue to be an integral part of developing all of our protocols.
More on Testing
Reliability, ease of implementation, and timing of results. These are the factors that we considered as we selected a testing company to work with us this summer. Quadrant BioSciences, in collaboration with Suny Upstate Medical Center, has developed a highly sensitive, non- invasive PCR oral swab test that will make the process easy, and more comfortable for our campers and staff. They have done over one million Covid-19 tests since the fall on all SUNY campuses. In addition, Quadrant is able to do waste water surveillance to detect signs of the viral RNA, 4-7 days before symptoms actually appear. This is an added layer of safety that can prompt early intervention. Testing protocols are evolving and will be finalized later in the spring.
Indoor Air Quality
Although we will be outside as much as possible, we have installed RGF REME HALO Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifiers in every central air system that we have at camp, including the Dining Hall, Health Center, Cooking, Dance/Fitness Studio, Reception/Conference Rooms, and Main Office. These enhancements will purify the air in every part of these buildings, ensuring safely ventilated, cooled indoor spaces. An environmental study by the manufacturer found that the HALO system inactivates the SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99.9%.

Organization and structure have always been part of our camp culture. It is the foundation for the safe haven that we are building for our Angels’ return to camp. We are looking forward to a summer filled with all of the spirit, sisterhood and surprises that make Bryn Mawr special.

We will keep updated in the weeks and months ahead!


January Health & Safety Updates

Dear Camp Families,

We have never been so eager for June to arrive, so that we can be back with your daughters,  for our centennial summer. Preparing for camp may be a little more complex than usual and… we’ve got this!  We continue to confer with experts and are tracking the evolving public health guidelines in Pennsylvania. While we are not yet prepared to share our full health and safety plan, we want to give you a glimpse into Summer 2021.

Camp will be in a modified 'bubble.'
We know that minimizing traffic in and out of camp will be one of the best ways to keep everyone safe. Our staff will come to camp two weeks early with the understanding that their time off will be spent on-campus (and we are planning expanded leisure offerings for counselors to enjoy during their free time.) We have even had conversations with some of the architects of the NBA’s successful 2020 bubble to learn how we can apply what they learned to our camp setting!
Opening/closing dates and Visiting Day.
We are currently planning to open as planned on June 26th and ending on August 13th. Of course, should circumstances change, we will be flexible. It is our hope to welcome you on Visiting Day, July 17th, as long as it is safe to do so. If we cannot have Visiting Day, we will have virtual opportunities to connect with your girls and meet their counselors.
We will be outside!
We’re fortunate to have plenty of room to participate in activities and engage in special events. In addition to our dining hall, our covered pavilion provides the option for us to eat our meals outside. Even rainy weather will not keep us indoors!
Schedules may be modified to allow for distancing.
We expect that, for at least the first week, campers will be grouped into cohorts with their bunkmates (and possibly another bunk within the age group.) It is our plan to expand these cohorts to age groups, and beyond, as soon as we feel comfortable that our prevention measures are working.
An expanded role for the Health Center.
Quick daily health screenings will likely be part of the routine this summer, and we are currently researching technology that will help us complete these screenings as easily as possible. We will be adding two student nurses and possibly one more nurse to our regular Health Center staff, along with establishing an outdoor triage area and a separate location for all Covid-19 related symptoms. Our medical professionals are working with us to develop the safest protocols.
What testing will look like.
We are spending endless hours researching and analyzing all the possible Covid-19 testing options, speaking with epidemiologists as well as medical experts. We will likely require a negative PCR test prior to arrival, followed by re-testing of all campers and staff on the first and fourth days of camp. There is the possibility of additional testing during the summer to ensure a clean and healthy community. Fortunately, testing is evolving rapidly and we believe that we will have access to non-invasive PCR tests.
Trips and travel to/from camp.
Our buses have been reserved and our trips are planned. While we are optimistic, we know that we will need to assess the Covid-19 environment. We will have more information on trips and transportation in the spring. The safety of our campers will drive the decision making process.
Bunk placement.
We want your girls to feel comfortable and secure, surrounded by their friends. Fortunately, our bunks are large, yet the number of campers in a cabin may be determined by Pennsylvania guidelines. With this in mind, we ask for you to think carefully about your bunk requests and, as always, communicate with us if you have any concerns. Please complete your bunk request form by March 1st.

With all of this in mind, camp will open this summer and we are excited to provide you – our campers, parents and staff – the magical experience that you all deserve! It is our goal to have as normal a summer as possible. We appreciate that you have many more questions and we will continue to update you over the next few months. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and flexibility as we plan for our return to camp.