Music Clips

If it’s mealtime at LBMC, you know it’s time for cheering and songs! Here are a few of our campers’ favorite songs and cheers from Color Wars past, as well as our Alma Mater, sung at camp every evening since 1921! You can find the words to the Alma Mater and other songs in the Songbook, included under Forms in the secure MyAngel area.

Enjoy these clips of past, present and future staff members or visitors from camp!

We are the Purple
Get Down and Funky
We Welcome You
Green Cheer 1971 (Hawaii)
Fast Food
Gold Cheer 1997
Cheer 1998
Green March 1995
Arrows Ready
Green 2000 (Footloose)
Green 2001 (Eye of the Tiger)
Gold Cheer 2003 (C’est La Vie)
Green March 2003 (Pretend To Be Nice)
Gold March 2004 (September)
Gold Cheer 2004 (Do You Believe in Magic?)
Green March 2004 (Wouldn’t It Be Nice)
Gold March 2005 (You can’t stop the beat)
Gold March 2006 (Hey Juliet)
Green March 2006 (Buttercup)
Green Cheer 2007 (Watch me Shine)
Green March 2007 (Wake Me Up Before You Go Go)
Gold March 2007 (It’s a Beautiful Life)
Gold Cheer 2007 (Dancing with Myself)
Green Cheer 2008 (Living on a Prayer)
Green March (Waiting for Tonight)
Gold Cheer 2008 (Little Help From my Friends)
Gold March 2008 (The Way You Make me Feel)
Green Cheer 2009 (Best Years of Our Lives)
Green March 2009 (Oh What a Night)
Gold Cheer 2009 (Can’t Buy Me Love)
Gold March 2009 (I’m Coming Out)
Green Cheer 2010 (It’s My Life)
Green March 2010 (My Strongest Suit)
Gold Cheer 2010 (It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me)
Gold March 2010 (Accidentally In Love)
Green Cheer 2011 (You Give Love a Bad Name)
Green March 2011 (High School Never Ends)
Gold Cheer 2011 (Dirty Little Secret)
Gold March 2011 (Pop)